5 of The Best Quiet Bars in Singapore

There are a lot of entertainment establishments in Singapore. For guests and residents of the capital, we have prepared a selection of the best bars where you can enjoy the freshest craft beers, taste your favorite cocktail, taste delicious dishes of various cuisines of the world, spend an evening with friends listening to live music or light up on the dance floor.

Surely, everyone at least once encountered such problems: the bar is too noisy, the interlocutor is not heard, and the head begins to hurt more and more with the onset of a new minute. Singapore is probably not a calm city, but still, there were quiet places. We have listed 3 of the best quiet bars in Singapore that stand out from others and which received the most positive reviews. 

  1. Bar Stories

Bar Stories is one of the best bars in the list known for their ambiance where you not only drink a glass of good wine, the assortment of which is more diverse bottles, but also in silence and calmness, talk with your interlocutor or plunge into your thoughts, distract from problems. There is a bar on the ground floor, which gives the place an atmosphere of secrecy and privacy.

  • Skinny’s Lounge

Skinny’s Lounge in Singapore is the hottest spot in Singapore, who wants to enjoy the luxury nightlife. The place is well known for its variety of cocktails and classic dive bar. You can also enjoy different vibes of the week, Sunday with Latin night, live music on Tuesday Live music and Karaoke on Wednesday, Thursday retro music, Freestyle, and classic hip-hop music. Come ready for a great night of dancing every night of the week.

  • The Auld Alliance

The place gives you royal feeling where you can enjoy your best time is dripping with class and old world-class charm. It is here, by the will of fate, in the quiet center of the capital, on the corner of the place. They offer over 1,000 whiskeys from outside Scotland, Japan, the US, Ireland and it will only take a moment for you to realize you are somewhere special.

  • The Great Escape

‘With a rare combination of live music here you can enjoy live sports-screening, delicious food and freshly brewed beer and of course, great DJ and a huge dance floor– The Great Escape is accessible to all regular guests as well tourists and members of the Cabinet Bar club. Here you can humanly chat with friends without shouting music and enjoy the variety of brewed beer will completely soothe you after a long day of work. Yet, we are not all drinks. This bar was created specifically for business “gatherings” in quiet colors. There is no other place to enjoy the best time with your friends, dance music, food, and drinks and much more to offer.

  • Atlas

Here is a great selection of delicious dishes and wines. And most importantly, it is so quiet here that you can speak in almost a whisper and enjoy it. True, on Friday evening, the “silent system” crashes, you just need to take note of this.

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