5 Best Whiskey Bars in Singapore

Good day, gentlemen, bartenders and those who are interested in drinking with their fellows. There are many great bars in Singapore where you can spend a pleasant evening in a relaxed atmosphere, enjoy referring cocktail with your friends and, of course, enjoy the stunning view of Singapore. Singapore guide recommends top-rated establishments worth visiting. Most of them have been on the list of the best whiskey bars in the World. These very bars will be under the scrutiny of both the flow of tourists and the media over the coming year. We bring you the “5” of the most beautiful, luxurious and quality bars that exist in Singapore. Below we will briefly introduce you to the Best 5 Whiskey Bars in Singapore.

  1. Manhattan:

Inspired by the golden age of cocktails on the island of Manhattan, this bar has been proclaimed as the best in Asia and the third in the world. Located in the luxury hotel Regent Singapore (Singapore), the bar presents a collection of more than 200 bottles of American and handmade whiskey. In addition, the store has more than 100 small barrels in which they store different types of cocktails.

  • The Whiskey Library:

The Whisky Library, a luxury boutique home and opened late 2018, located at the Vagabond club. The Whisky Library is considered one of the world’s great whiskey bars on the 50 Best list and has wonderful views towards the city, one of the most iconic places in the English capital. In their current menu, they offer cocktails based on three of the ingredients most associated with alcoholic beverages: mint, grapes, and hops. If you visit Singapore, don’t hesitate to stop by.

The Whiskey Library
  • The Wall

This bar is inspired by the taverns of the Singapore of the twenties, and its cocktail menu focuses on the drinks of classic approach mixed with exotic ingredients. In short, it is a glimpse of the past in a city as modern as Singapore. It is the best place for amateur whiskey fans Known for their world-class menu that decodes whiskey profiles.

The Wall
  • The Auld Alliance

The Auld Alliance is characterized by its classic atmosphere and the dazzling Art Deco design of its interior, which attracts modern art lovers so much. The place is best known for its Cocktail and drinks as one of the best on the planet. It’s been offering some of the best drinks on the planet for 130 years. It also has all the ingredients to safety the most demanding customers. 

Auld Alliance Bar
  • Quaich Bar

This place is a landmark of Singapore also known as one of the more accustomed whiskey bars around the town. Their cocktails are extravagant and colorful, just like the atmosphere they are in, has evolved in its decoration and menu without departing from the local community and offering premium whiskeys cuisine and cocktails. One more curiosity about this city so visited.

Quaich Bar

The list is very long. What bar or bars would you include in this list?

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