GIN BARS Singapore

Each one of us has a different choice when it comes to beverages and in Singapore, the bars will offer you the best old fashioned, martinis, cocktails and Juniper but the best one will be a refreshing Gin and its flavor will make you change your mood. Moreover, almost all bars serve you this spirit.

Here is a list of 5 best Gin bars in Singapore

  • Atlas

This literal Gin Tower is the best gorgeous thing in Singapore. It has a touch of royal art -a deco-inspired look. The atmosphere of this place is absolutely awesome and the gin altar is awe-inspiring.

 It houses over 1000 bottles of gin owning the most unique collection of this spirit all over, however with so many options of the flavored spirit, it’s hard to decide which one to choose then there comes Jason Williams to your rescue and will tell you about all the available gins.

However, traditionally you can stick to classic G&Ts, a goblet of London gin, homemade tonic, and fresh citrus. But if you want something hard to have the Atlas Martini a blend of Gin, champagne vinegar, orange bitters, and pomelo.

Atlas bar in Singapore
  • The Rabbit Hole

This is a famous garden bar housed in a former British army barracks on Dempsey Hill. This place serves 20 types of premium gin alongside citrus tonics mixed with herbs.

They have G&Ts and the mandarin, the marzipan-esque, Sipsmith, Sloe Gin and the spicy Juniper and to forget its specialty Plymouth gin infused with lime.  It’s a perfect place for evening drinks and takes a seat inside the rustic space while enjoying your drink.

  • Oxwell &Co.

Here at this rooftop bar surrounded by organic garden enjoying your drink is divine. This bar was launched by a group of British, you just have to climb few stairs to reach this place, divided by a bar then a dining area and a private room making it a masterpiece to admire. They will serve you with the best homemade G&TS topped with organically available herbs from their own garden.

Oxwell &Co bar
  • Gibson

It’s a perfect classic place with the vintage vibe to spend your nights. They will serve you with the best classic gin, the gin martini which is served using pickled onion as a garnish to add briny dimension to your martini.

 They will serve you with bar’s signature Cocktail Gibson which is made combining Roku Gin with specially infused vermouth making the brewery awesome.

  • Native

It’s a beauty to see and visit this place because of the area surrounding it, is hilly, green around. This place is famous for its regional flavored spirits and funky cocktails that use crabs to grasshoppers to kimchi in them. They have exclusively made gin infused with all kinds of tangy and spicy flavors in it.

Their one of the famous adventurous drink is Antz which is served with delicious sugarcane juice, yummy coconut yogurt, tasty Chalong Bay Rum and ants foraged from around Ann Siang Hill. They also give a small tutorial of how they make the gin here.

Native Bar

So, hit these gin bars in Singapore and give a cheer to your life while enjoying the exotic, adventurous and all kinds of flavored gins available.

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